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Our network of first-class doctors is here to provide exceptional clear aligner treatment. Our safe and fast clear aligner treatments are led by Australian licensed clinicians, who specialize in clear aligners. We know each patient is unique and we treat them as such with best-in-class technology.

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Book an appointment at SmileStories clear aligner provider
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Get a free 3D scan at a SmileStories dental partner-clinic
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Get your personal treatment plan with clear aligners
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Wear your clear aligners for 22 hours every day
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What Makes SmileStories So Special?

At SmileStories, we’re passionate about helping people achieve straight teeth for a healthier, happier life.
Here’s why we should be your number one choice for clear aligners.
Our clear aligner treatments are prescribed by Australia's top clinicians. 
Made in USA
Our aligners are manufactured in the USA with state-of-the-art technology. 
Fair prices
At SmileStories we make sure to provide quality service for fair prices.
Premium Care
We support you throughout your journey towards a beautiful smile.

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tandställning som vuxen
tandställning som vuxen

Why Should You Choose Clear Aligners?

Nobody likes the idea of having to have a metal braces – and with clear aligners, the metal braces is now a thing of the past. You can straighten your teeth with invisible braces, which have been developed with advanced technology and are an effective, discreet and more comfortable alternative to traditional braces. In some cases, they show results faster! Smart, practical and almost invisible - what's not to love?
No need to compromise on your appearance, our clear aligners are near invisible.
The ultra-thin plastic material makes our clear aligner more comfortable and flexible.
Thanks to the special material and trimline, our clear aligners are more efficient.
With less visits to the doctor, our treatment plans are suited to your busy lifestyle.

Start Wearing Your Clear Aligners!

From $3,199

Pay in Full / Pay in Bites
We will be with you to provide support throughout your entire journey, and you can reach out to us with any questions you may have about your treatment. After your final check-up, you’ll be left with beautifully straight teeth that you’ll love to smile with.

It really is that simple!
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Clear Aligner Technology

The Straumann Group is a dental company with a global footprint and a stellar reputation for quality. With ClearCorrect, they put all their research and experience into making clear aligners you’ll love.

Over 500,000 people have received orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect, and the incredible track record of patient satisfaction speaks for itself.
Our Technology


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