What are Clear Aligners?

Smiling at your crush with food stuck between your teeth. 

Running late for an important appointment because you had to fix issues with your metal brace. 

Unfortunately, these are the things a fixed braces wearer is all too familiar with. Luckily though, clear aligners can help you forget about these problems for good! 

This new form of orthodontic treatment is ideal for all non-complex patient cases who need simple teeth straightening. Thanks to their transparency, these ultra-discreet braces look wonderful on any person, no matter whether they’re 15 or 50 years old. But what exactly are clear aligners? 

Woman wearing aligners

Invisible aligners are plastic dental devices used to adjust the teeth over time. They work in the exact same way as traditional braces – the only difference is that they’re transparent! This makes them the perfect option for someone who wants to achieve a straighter smile without all the clunky metal. 

clear aligners

If you’re still reading this, your teeth could probably do with straightening up. So how can you be sure that clear aligners are right for you? First of all, you should note that more than one treatment plan is available. Simply click here to explore your options! 

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